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Post your most hilarious forum games here! Play classic forum games and make up new ones! 6 1089
by Dominus
Too lazy to private message SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX on ROBLOX? Post what you want to tell him here. 40 345
by Dominus
Talk anything FEAR releated. 34 522
by Nigger
Just for fun. Talk about what's going on on in the ROBLOX world outside of the incredible First Encounter Assault Recon. 94 866
by BunnyGuy122
Come here to post about what's been going on with you lately. 3 27
by AngryCornPeople
What are FEAR members currently listening too?

Find out here!
20 189
by Luna
7 98
by AngryCornPeople
Shout out to your favorite FEAR members. 10 127
by [FEAR OFF] colestuar...
In this Sub-Forum FEAR members can post additional ways that other members can contact them incase of emergency. We ask that all information regarding things such as your name, address, etc. are kept to you only and that if you give out your phone number you know the ricks you are taking and we are not held responsible for any harm that comes to you. 2 11
by [OFF]HonorMP Ferrari...
Come here if you need assistance with anything ROBLOX related. Whether it be raids, defending forts, assisting allies, or you are low on funds. You never know who will be glad to lend a hand. 4 39
by Xnite
Post suggestions and ideas on what you will think will help FEAR have a better in this sub-forum.
Suggestions and ideas are encouraged.
5 22
by Xnite
Help out other FEAR members in their places through aiding in building and scripting. 1 11
by spencerisverycool
Come here for help with any problems you are finding in the forum(s). 4 32
by Xnite